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May 31, 2024
By Lake Catholic

Caden Boyes (Lake Catholic Class of 2025) has been selected as one of 16 high school students from around the state for the 2024-2025 Ohio Student Safety Advisory Council. 

Ohio School Safety Center (OSSC) made the announcement on Thursday, May 30.

博伊斯说他填了这份职位申请表, which included several lengthy answers, more than a month ago. 这导致对OSSC成员进行了30分钟的虚拟采访. 他几乎没有听到他被选中的消息.

“他们把我的电子邮件打错了,少了一个字母,”他说. “So, I never got the email. Mr. (Tom) McKrill sent me the email he received.”

Although he said he believes he and his fellow students are safe at Lake Catholic and that they’re all taken good care of, nothing is perfect and there are always ways to improve.

“School safety has to be the No. 1 priority of our days,” he said. “所以这是一个很好的机会,可以更多地了解它,并为升级提供想法, whether physical or procedural, back to Lake Catholic.”

Governor Mike DeWine created the council in 2022 to help OSSC leadership identify school safety concerns and develop innovative solutions to address them. Students from last year’s council will present their capstone projects at the 2024 School Safety Summit this summer, according to a press release.

“This year’s students took their capstone projects to new levels and got their peers more involved in the everyday safety activities at their schools,” said OSSC Executive Director Emily Torok. “Our alumni members quickly got the new council onboarded and they all supported each other in a student network to promote safety across the state. I encourage everyone to reach out to their local council members to learn about their projects and initiatives. 的y are very impressive.”

理事会将被邀请参加7月31日至8月举行的俄亥俄学校安全峰会. 1 at the Columbus Convention Center to network with their peers and attend initial informational sessions on violence prevention strategies and emotional safety.

Council members will develop strategies to encourage their peers to actively engage in maintaining a safe school environment and will be advocates for students’ overall well-being. 学生将直接与OSSC学校安全联络员合作组织活动, focus groups, trainings to help highlight student success and safety best practices at various schools. 的se members will also act as a sounding board for the Ohio School Safety Working Group and OSSC on student marketing campaigns and other projects to ensure that student voices are represented. 

Eight of the previous year’s Council members have agreed to return this upcoming year as mentors for the incoming council. 的y will continue to work on projects in their communities and act as force multipliers for school safety improvements.

德万州长于2019年创建了俄亥俄州学校安全中心. 它隶属于俄亥俄州公共安全部门,为当地学校提供帮助, colleges and universities, law enforcement agencies to prevent, prepare for, respond to threats and acts of violence, including self-harm, through a holistic, solutions-based approach to improving school safety.

Lake Catholic Names Winner of its Most Prestigious Award

May 22, 2024
By Lake Catholic

的 end of the school year marks the time for many different awards and honors to be bestowed upon students within clubs and teams, departments, even the greater school at large.

在周二的学士学位弥撒和高年级颁奖典礼上,湖天主教授予高年级 Gianna Rubino the school’s highest honor – 的 Christian Life Award.

的 Lake Catholic High School Christian Life Award is the most prestigious recognition presented by our school community.  With the inception of this award in 1972, a tradition was established to focus on the active expression of the Lake Catholic Mission Statement and Gospel values both within our school environment and in the greater community. pp电子基督徒生活奖的评选标准如下:

  • 这位学生是福音信息和耶稣圣神的非凡见证人.
  • 学生是一个非常正直的人,动态地生活在他或她的信仰中, 湖天主教社区内的 和更大社区内的. 
  • 的 student lives an exemplary life consistent with the Lake Catholic Mission Statement and Core Values.
  • 的 student actively expresses a willingness to serve within the Lake Catholic 校园 Ministry and Spiritual Life areas, Lake Catholic Community, Church Community, our greater community at large.

Congratulations to Gianna for such a deserving honor.

Other senior award winners were: 

  • President’s Award for Educational Achievement - Kyan Harrold, Domonic Orlando, Anthony Reynoso, Taylor Scharf, Olivia Switalski, Daniel Tomic, Charlie Trinetti
  • President’s Award of Educational Excellence - Jonathan Bokausek, Caroline Brown, Haley Horen, Garrett Knisely, Stephen Parrish, Zoe Pesek, Joseph Powaski, Luke Richards, Kathryn Ridler, Chloe Stossel
  • Service Cord - Greg Bares, Mya Brannen, Kira Brennan, Makenna Bretz, Johnathan Bokausek, Caroline Brown, Kayla Calvey, Delaney Charlton, Juliana Conforte, Gianna Coreno, Parker DiCello, GiGi DiDomenico, Claire Duricky, Ryan Ginley, Kyan Harrold, Egypt Kamara, Tessa Koenig, Allison Komosa, Isabelle Langer, 的resa Lazanich, Joey Lonchar, Grace McCalligan, Katie Morgan, Cassie Nagy, Alexandra Newnes, Stephen Parrish, Andrew Pellecchia, Parker Pikor, Sutton Pikor, Meadow Pontius, Joseph Powaski, McKenzie Prosuch, Luke Richards, Kathryn Ridler, Gianna Rubino, Mia Schaefer, Taylor Scharf, Madeline Spies, Chloe Stossel, Josh Styles, Charlie Trinetti, Christopher Vanjo, Olivia Viskovic, Kelly Ward
  • Happy Moose / Monday’s With Malta Scholarship - Parker Pikor
  • John Peyton Meritorious Award - Christina Lombardo
  • OHSAA Scholar Athlete - Zoe Pesek and Greg Bares
  • OHSAA Courageous Athlete Award - Mia Schaefer
  • OHSAA Award of Excellence - Stephen Parrish
  • OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award - Claire Duricky and Luke Snider
  • Nick D’Angelo Award - 卡洛琳·布朗,吉安娜·柯尼格,乔什·斯泰尔斯,丹尼尔·托米奇和奥利维亚·维斯科维奇
  • Willoughby Junior Women’s Club Award - Mia Schaefer and Charlie Trinetti
  • Mentor Chamber of Commerce Foundation Scholarship - Mya Brannen and Madeline Spies
  • Red Cross Scholarship - Emily Aliff and Davide Patriarca
  • Cardinal Credit Union Scholarship - Joey Lonchar, Greg Bares, Charlie Trinetti, Chloe Stossel, Jonathan Bokausek, Meadow Pontius, Andrew Pellecchia, Parker Pikor, Dominic Orlando
  • P.E.O. Star Scholarship Award - Kayla Calvey
  • Phi Beta Kappa Award - Zoe Pesek
  • Academic Honors Diploma - Johnathan Bokausek, Caroline Brown, Kayla Calvey, Juliana Conforte, GiGi DiDomenico, Garrett Knisely, Tessa Koenig, Allison Komosa, Isabelle Langer, 的resa Lazanich, Grace McCalligan, Marko Odorcic, Domonic Orlando, Stephen Parrish, Zoe Pesek, Cooper Pikor, Parker Pikor, Joseph Powaski, Kate Powaski, Nicholas Powaski, Anthony Reynoso, Taylor Scharf, Chloe Stossel, Olivia Switalski, Daniel Tomic
  • Art Honors Diploma - Kathryn Ridler
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Distinction - Ivan Blazevic, Caroline Brown, Juliana Conforte, Parker DiCello, Gigi DiDominico, Tyler Duricky, Ryan Ginley, Kyan Harrold, Tessa Koenig, Joey Lonchar, Dominic Orlando, Stephen Parrish, Hannah Pattie, Andrew Pellecchia, Zoe Pesek, Joe Powaski, Anthony Reynoso, Gianna Rubino, Jarred Smith, Josh Styles, Charlie Trinetti, Isaiah Tyree, Chloe Stossel, Oliva Switalski, Chris Vanjo, Dani Villa
  • Christian Leadership Recognition - Chloe Stossel and Dominic Orlando

更多当晚的照片,包括所有获奖者的照片,可以在我们的网站上找到 Senior Awards page.


May 09, 2024
By Lake Catholic

许多当地男孩是在当地的娱乐联盟打棒球长大的. 但所有的男孩都长大了,最终老了就不能再打篮球了.


最近四名莱克天主教大学毕业生对他们的棒球生涯的结束并不满意, so they decided to do something about it. Now, three years later, what they’ve started has become larger than they ever could have imagined.

On Saturday, July 27, Nick Regano, Nick Pellecchia, Andrew Zalar, Jacob Minich, all from the class of 2023, 将在门特里奇小学举办第三届雷加诺威夫球锦标赛. 

“我们都一起打过休闲棒球,我们不想让它结束,” said Regano, a finance major at Kent State. “所以,有一天我们让一群孩子在一起玩威浮球. 越来越多的孩子想玩,我们最终把它变成了一场锦标赛. That was the first year. We really didn’t know what we were doing. It was a mess. And here we are now, about to start our third tournament.”

的 tournament is no joke. 让一群孩子在空地上玩威浮球的日子已经一去不复返了. This tournament takes nine months of planning, has a five-page rulebook, has a concession stand, draws in family and friends who come to watch, awards prize money to the winners and runners-up, 现在, most importantly to the guys who run it, a charity component. 

的 first year they had 19 teams compete. Last year it grew to 32. 他们喜欢这个数字,所以今年的比赛仍然限制在32支球队. 有8个4支球队的赛区,每支球队保证打3场比赛. 的 top two teams in each division then advance to a single-elimination bracket to determine the champion. 
的 championship team wins $1,000. 亚军可以拿回奖金(每人要交15美元的报名费).

Last year, 所有小卖部的收入都捐赠给了JBS Strong, 一个儿童癌症基金会,以纪念已故的杰克·索耶, a student at Mentor High School. 

雷加诺说:“所有的食物和东西都是捐赠的,所以我们做的一切都捐给了慈善机构。. “This year we reached out to Jack’s family to see if there was someone else, we could donate to. 今年我们所有的特许权收入都要给艾迪·斯特朗.” 


“我们真的在努力让慈善机构成为其中不可或缺的一部分,” said Zalar, a finance major at Ohio State. “我们希望今年能给他们1000多美元. We know it’s not a good look if we’re giving $1,000 to the winning team, but not that much to the charity. So we’re going to really push our concessions this year and try to raise as much money as we can.”

的y already have a $500 commitment from the tournament sponsor, Regano Financial Services Inc.

To this point, the tournament has only brought in male competitors, but the organizers said that’s just a coincidence, they aren’t opposed to having females compete. 年龄从12、13岁到50、60岁不等. Although most of the teams are comprised of high school and college-aged kids from all over the area, including players from Mentor High School, Kirtland, NDCL. Pellecchia, a criminal justice major at Dayton, 约有50-60%的球员要么是现任湖天主教学生,要么是校友.

To put it on, 这四个人全年至少每周谈论一次威浮球, before ramping up in June and July. 的y have to build and repair their strike zones. 的y also have to work with Ridge Elementary School to reserve the field for three days – one to set up, one to play, one to clean up.


“We’ve learned a lot in two years,” Zalar said. “We have to turn our fields in a different direction. We were losing too many home run balls in the woods.”

“It’s to the point where I only ask for wiffle balls and other stuff for Christmas,” Regano said. “I’ll also go to Dick’s (Sporting Goods) in the winter to buy stuff because no one is playing wiffle ball then. So I know they’ll have a lot in stock.”

All the fences are just orange snow fences. Everyone must use the plain yellow bats provided. 他们用大量的喷漆来画场地和小路. 的y use real rubber bases and pitching rubber.

On game day, games are self-umpired, 尽管他们确实在寻找志愿者来帮助季后赛, especially since prize money is on the line.

“It’s a lot of fun, it does get competitive, but nothing more than some trash-talking,” Pellecchia said. “We did think about last year being our last year doing it since we were all going off to college. 我们把它当作上大学前的最后一次狂欢, but now it will serve as a reunion for a lot of us. So I’m glad that we decided to keep it going.”


Anyone looking for more information check out the tournament Instagram page at @reganowiffleballclassic. 如果你有兴趣报名参加今年的比赛,你可以填写以下表格 this Google Form.

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Photography Teacher Freelances at Women’s Final Four

April 09, 2024
By Lake Catholic

First-year art teacher Carolina Kane keeps quite busy with her day job. 但如果这还不够,她还有自己的摄影业务 Carolina Kane Photography.

A quick glance at her business’ website, you see senior and family portraits, weddings, fine art, editorial work, much more. What you don’t see much of is sports.

这一切都在上个周末发生了变化,当时她为 Cleveland Magazine and shot more than 2,在火箭抵押球场NCAA女子分区1四强000张照片. Her photos can be found on the Cleveland Magazine website.

“气氛非常紧张,充满了焦虑,”卡罗莱纳说. “的re were so many people there and so much media. But it was such a cool experience.”

She was there for all three games – the national semifinals on Friday night and the championship game on Sunday – and moved all over the fieldhouse getting as many shots as possible. She said she was there at 5p on Friday (the first game started at 7p) and didn’t leave until about 1a on Saturday.

“It was a long day,” she said. “我要拍摄两场比赛,然后在媒体室编辑直到周六凌晨. But then all day Saturday editing some more.”

She worked with the writer from Cleveland Magazine, getting shots to accompany his news stories. Not only were her photos used in his articles, but she would work between games and at halftimes to send images to her art director for more formal social media posts.

她在周六晚上康涅狄格对爱荷华的第二场半决赛中获得了全场传球, headlined by two of the sport’s biggest stars, Paige Bueckers and Caitlin Clark, was positioned right on the baseline.

“It was intense,” she said. “当时我夹在ESPN的静态摄影师和美联社之间. And, on top of that, it was a great game.

“My dad kept letting me know every time he saw me on TV.”

在周五深夜和周六全天编辑之后, 周日是时候回去看爱荷华州和南卡罗来纳州之间的冠军赛了. South Carolina won the national championship, 87-75.

She moved around the fieldhouse until it was time for the Gamecocks' trophy presentation when she joined the rest of the media on the floor right in front of the quickly constructed stage.

“It was such a great experience,” Carolina said. “I sent (Cleveland Magazine) 634 edited photos. It was a long weekend, but so worth it.

“能够拍摄如此备受瞩目的女子比赛,我感到非常自豪. 有这么多人在那里支持女性参加pp电子平台,这令人难以置信. 房间里充满了电一般的能量,每一个篮筐都会引起人群的欢呼. I felt proud to be a woman photographer, supporting other great women, showcasing our great city.

“And it gave me some ‘street-cred’ with the kids. A lot of them have come in today already telling me how cool it was that I got to be there for it.”

photo courtesy of Cleveland Magazine

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